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Browse and use the site subject to your agreement to the terms of use in advance, as detailed below these regulations (“Terms of use”)

Using the site includes the following: a site visit and / or browsing the website and / or register on the site and / or any other use of the site

We ask you to read carefully the terms have not yet using the Site.

Elsewhere around the site may perform user and / or specific guidelines relating to services mentioned there, the prices, the rest of their terms or other specific matters. These apply to both the addition of these regulations. As there is any contradiction between them, increase user and / or instructions there.

Using the Site, you agree to comply with the terms specified in the terms and acknowledge that you have read and you agree to these terms. If you do not agree fully with all conditions specified in the regulations for use, please stop immediately all further use of the site.

Waiver and Limitation of Liability 

The information, content and services offered on the site are offered to you as they are (as is) and the site will not bear any responsibility for their suitability for your needs and / or your goals.The site operates only as an interface for the connection between its various users, that may be related in a deal. For the avoidance of doubt, the site absolutely not consider as any party to any transaction in which the users choose to be related in, following the use of the site, although certain information exchanged through it.All the services that are provided by a third-party site and all the services available and / or future offered to users on the site is the sole responsibility of such third parties that operate them, and the site does not take any responsibility for damage, loss, monetary loss, aggravation and any other damages of any kind whatsoever caused to user, result of using third-party services.

All listed and published on the site sections are only a recommendation, and do not bind the site and / or held responsible for any kind whatsoever in relation to certain users. The site does not take any responsibility for damage, loss, monetary loss, aggravation and any other damages of any kind whatsoever caused to a user by reliance on this publications.

The site takes no responsibility for third-party services, malware problems using the site, accuracy and quality of information on the site. The site does not warrant that use of the website services and / or third-party services will be immune to malfunctions and / or failures and / or damages whatsoever.

It is clarified that in case of conflict between the wording of any advertising appearing on behalf of the site and the version in the records of the site, registered in the version prevails site, including promotions, and website will have the right to abolish or limit the participation in them.

Registration and delivery of personal information

Registration and use of the site require the provision of personal information such as: full name, telephone number, e-mail address, and more. This information will be used for contacting and mailing services. You may submit a written request to the Site that the personal information you have published on the Site will not be transferred to third parties.

Posting ads on the site

Site administrators may cancel / modify / edit any ad on the site, at their discretion for any reason or in cases where the content is inappropriate and / or does not meet the standards of the site and which may allegedly harm, violate the law, or violate the provisions of these regulations and user will not have any claim or demand for refund / compensation for this.

With respect to any product, service asset, etc., the user will not publish more than one ad at any time (but there is no reason not to republish the same ad as long it will not consider as two separate ads created, that is, update an ad).

Ad content will be entered in the appropriate fields only according to the description of each field (address, short description, etc.). In the fields, do not include any hyperlinks; Do not publish phone numbers, etc., except in the appropriate field.

A user may post only one ad related to each product or service and edit and modify it at any time.The user will not place a link / hyperlink to another website or web address in writing or in an image. Posting ad content such as phone numbers, email address, etc. will only be done within the designated fields. The user may not include links or references to another website unless it is included in the “Business Customers” or “Merchant Buyers” profile.

Use the user’s information 

The information given by the user, including personal information, will be stored in the database of the site. The site will use this information subject to the provisions of any law and in accordance with these regulations. This information can also be used by site administrators to send or receive email / text messages to contact the user for various promotions, ad serving, optimizing and improving the content of the site. If a user wishes to discontinue this service, he must notify the site administrators.

Transferring information to advertisers and other third parties 

With user’s approval of these Terms & Conditions, he agrees that site’s administrators may transfer information from time to time to third party about user and advertisements he published and will have no claim in connection therewith. In addition, the user agrees that the site will display references to third party sites through advertisements etc., and may send to user without any intervention or control of the Site, emails or SMS regarding products, promotions and discounts from those third parties whose correctness, legality and up to date are the sole responsibility of third parties and do not constitute a recommendation of the Site to purchase or receive service from those third parties.

Share on social networks 

For sharing ad/service/page in social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)  The user will be asked, as is customary in social networks, to allow the application to access the user profile of the social network in question. In addition, user’s use of the social networking will be subject to the terms of use of social networks also.

Advertising management policy

The various ads on the site can be managed using “cookies” files created in the user’s personal computer browsers and serve as a tool for collecting information in order to customize the ads that will be directed to the user, to improve and update the site and to identify the user who saves the user from updating the user name and password at any additional entry of the user to the site. The user can prevent or block the creation of “cookies” on his computer by changing the relevant settings on his computer.

Information Security 

The content of the site is stored in hosting company that stores the information on its servers in accordance with strict information security standards. However, the site cannot guarantee the ability to protect against hacker attacks and access to information on the site.

Copyright and Intellectual Property 

The site’s copyright and intellectual property are reserved solely for the owners of the site, including the business model, the trademarks on the site, the content of the site, the site’s structure, the site’s design, the text on the site, the site’s fonts, the site’s ads, advertisements and any file, application or process found on the site except for rights in files uploaded by users. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, display or transmit any or all of the above without the prior written permission of the site owners.

The user hereby declares that he has the exclusive rights or received permission from the copyright owner of the files, images and ads he uploads to the site, and that the user is solely responsible for the contents uploaded by him.

The Site shall not bear any responsibility for any damage of any kind relating to copyrights or intellectual property infringed as a result of unauthorized advertising that uploaded a user of an image / painting or any other object that is used as a copyright or other proprietary right. The site administrators may transfer the user’s information to anyone who claims that the site has been infringed, damaged, and / or damaged in any way as a result of the user’s use of the site. In addition, the Site administrators reserve the right to remove any such infrIt is also clarified that for the purpose of preventing site copying, each image/photo/ painting or any other visual method published next to any ad, a unique watermark and the site logo is stamped. The attaching of images/photos/paintings to an ad published by the user constitutes an agreement to embed these identifying marks and waive any future claim regarding copyright or other rights with respect to such images/photos/paintings.inging publication as far as the violation is known.

Terms of Use and Ad Posting

Use of the site is at the user’s responsibility only.

The use of the site allows advertisement of ads for the demand of property / product / service that the advertiser wants to buy/rent, and their presentation to the general public who wishes to sell an asset / product / service to these advertisers. The site also allows contact the advertisers. Use of the site is for the purposes described only and any other use is strictly prohibited.The User declares and undertakes not to use / collect / copy / distribute the information or telephone lists, emails and names from the Site in any manner other than that of a normal and reasonable user. The use of technological or computerized means to collect / copy / distribute information on the site is strictly prohibited, as well as actions that can interfere with the proper operation of the site, including the creation of loads or circumventing processes and any such use is contrary to the terms of these regulation. The site has the right to sue any user who violates these rules.

It is hereby clarified that the site constitutes an advertising platform for users and the Site is not responsible for the content of the advertisements published in it. However, Site policies prohibit the advertisement of ads that are illegal and / or offensive.For the avoidance of doubt it is hereby clarified that advertisements for the demand / sale / marketing / rental / supply / publication / distribution of illegal products and services may not be published on the site. The Site shall not bear any tort or criminal liability as a result of advertising or responding to such advertisement. The Site also reserves the right to appeal to the law enforcement authorities in case of need in order to prevent the continued publication of such products / services mentioned in Terms of Use, while exposing the details of the advertiser.

Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, the user undertakes not to publish/post and / or enter one or more of the following contents:

  • Any material that infringes or violates the proprietary rights of others or infringes the rights and / or contents of third parties – including intellectual property rights such as copyrights or trademarks. This material includes, among other things, musical files (such as MP3 files, protected computer programs, workarounds, removal or elimination of digital protections on various software and computer files, protected images and movies, transcripts, notes, texts or artwork created by others).
  • Any pornographic or sexually explicit material that violates the provisions of any law or is liable to harm the feelings of the public.
  • Any material relating to minors that has not been approved by the legal guardians and identifies them as minors or includes their personal details or addresses and ways of contacting them.
  • Any sensitive security information or other information that is inherently sensitive.
  • Any computer software, computer code or application containing a virus, including hostile software known as Trojan horse, Worms, Vandals, Malicious applications, and so forth.
  • Passwords, usernames and other details that allow the use of computer programs, digital files, websites or services that require registration or payment, without such payment or registration.
  • Any illegal material or material that encourages, supports, assists, provides instructions for the performance or guidance of an act constituting a criminal offense under the UK law. Any material that constitutes libel on a person.
  • Any material that reveals the personal or intimate details of a person (including his / her name), without being personally delivered by him and / or material that violates the privacy and / or privacy of a person.
  • Issues in respect of which there is a court gag order.
  • Any material of a harassing, offensive, hostile, threatening, crude, racist nature is offensive to public sensibilities. Any material and / or message that may harass and / or harm other users, including SMS messages sent through the Site and / or the Services.
  • Any material that is contrary to the accepted rules of use on the Internet or that may cause damage or harm to Internet users in general, and to customers of the site in particular.

If a user violates one or more of the above conditions, the user shall indemnify the Site for any damage caused to it as a result of such violations.

The Site reserves the right to block / cancel / remove any advertisement that does not comply with the provisions of the Terms of Use and / or the provisions of the law and / or the Site’s procedures and / or which may harm any other person or legal entity and / or whose publication circumstances are directly related or indirectly, in the act of fraud or any other forbidden act; And all, as far as the Site was informed of the breach.

In addition, the Site reserves the right to block / cancel / remove any ad and to prevent any other service from an advertiser who is a non-paid debtholder of the site and / or other financial claims (even if these claims are unrelated to the ad and / or for publication).

Nothing in the above or below will oblige the Site to act in the manner stated above, and in any event the Site shall not be liable for any damage caused to any party in respect of any action or lack of action by the Site in this context.

Cancellation of Transactions

Subject to the provisions of the law, in the event of cancellation of paid advertising ads posted on site before the end of the relevant advertising period, the advertiser will not be entitled to any refund and the company will not be obliged to indemnify the advertiser for any amount. The above will apply to any other paid service provided on site which has been canceled by the user.

Regular Operation of the Sitex

The site operators do not undertake operating the site in its current format for a certain or fixed period of time. The site operators reserve the right to edit, alter, modify and update all the functions available at the site at any time.

Interruption of the site’s ongoing and standard activity, while making repairs, changes and improvements shall not constitute grounds for any claim or demand of a user. The operators of the site do and will continue to make every effort to ensure that the user can use the site regularly, but they do not undertake that there will be no disruptions, malfunctions or interruptions associated with the operation of the site.

Business / Merchants / Commercial Users

In this chapter, the following terms will have the meaning attached to them:

Advertising Medium – “Ad publishing, ad promotion and / or mini-site only”.

Business / Merchant User – “Any individual, partnership or corporation of any kind (including a real estate broker/agent and a vehicle dealer) (a) Which are directly and / or indirectly engaged in retail, wholesale or minor trade, directly or indirectly, of products and / or services; and / or (b) Any corporation including a partnership and / or a company and / or any other type of corporation that is not a private person who publishes advertisements for the buying and / or rental of products and / or services (including rental and / or buying of real estate or vehicles)”

A Commercial User – “A private user whose quantity of products / assets that he publishes in a given period exceeds the Site’s procedures regarding to each section of the site separately”.

Private User – “A person who is not a business / merchant / commercial user”.

Real Estate Broker – “Private brokers and / or brokerage agencies and / or corporations of any kind and / or other business owners engaged in real estate brokerage and / or advertising ads on their behalf”.

Merchant – “Private Merchant and / or partnerships and / or corporations of any kind and / or other business owners engaged in retail, wholesale or minor trade, directly or indirectly, of products and / or services including vehicle dealers.”

Advertising services management policy for business / merchant / commercial users, without prejudice to the other provisions of the Terms of Use, as applicable, with the necessary changes, is as follows:

A.   Unless otherwise noted in the Site or the Terms of Use, any use of the Site in a business framework whether connected directly or indirectly to a business is subject to advertising and payment plans and no use may be made without the express permission of the Site and the consent of the business / merchant / commercial user to the terms of the Site; Whether in the framework of registration for services through the site or as part of a telephone registration to the site.

B.    Publication of advertisements in the various sections of the site by business / merchant / commercial users is by payment only, and any such publication that will be made without payment will be terminated immediately and without any warning, without prejudice to the existing remedies for the site in connection therewith. Payment for ad serving to the site is in accordance with the Site’s sole policy, which may change from time to time.

C.    A business / merchant / commercial user may cancel an advertising pricing plan in writing only that has been sent to the Site within twenty-four (24) hours from the date of sending the order on the Site. If a transaction cancellation notice is not received within the fixed time frame, the order will be valid without cancellation from the business / merchant / commercial user.

D.    If the payment method of the business / merchant / commercial user is rejected and no payment is due on time, the business / merchant / commercial user hereby gives his consent in advance that this will result in a charge of arrears interest whose rate will be identical to the outstanding arrears interest rate published by Leumi le-Israel Bank, without derogating from any remedy and right of others who are subject to the site under any law.

E.    The business / merchant / commercial user authorizes and declares that the content of advertising published by him does not violate or will violate the provisions of any law and / or rights (including intellectual property rights) of any third party.

F.    The business / merchant / commercial user confirms that he is aware that the site may, at any time, not approve publication of illegal advertising and / or approve publication under conditions and / or return at any time from approval given for publication, for any reason including due to a concern of infringement of the rights of third parties and / or the legality of advertising, and confirms and declares that the site will not bear any responsibility for any damage and / or loss and / or expense incurred directly or indirectly by the business user.

G.    It is known and agreed upon by the business / merchant / commercial user that the site may temporarily remove the content of publication due to a malfunction of the site and / or one of its sections and / or if they do not function properly in such situation. In addition, the site will be entitled immediately to remove the content of publication, if it finds that the above content is not published or presented lawfully and / or contrary to the provisions of the Terms of Use and / or infringes the rights of any third party and the above content violates its rights. The business / merchant / commercial user shall have no claim against the site in respect of the aforesaid.

H.    The date of the approval of this proposal by the business / merchant / commercial user shall be governed by the agreement between the parties and subject to the terms of the Terms of Use, and any change or addition not approved in writing by the parties shall not be valid.

I.    A business / merchant / commercial user will be able to manually bounce his ads and manually mark their ads as recommended ads based on times and methodologies approved by the site from time to time.

J.   It is hereby clarified that the Site is not responsible for and shall not be responsible for damage of any kind whatsoever, which will be caused to the business customer in connection with the use of the Site. The business customer undertakes to indemnify the site for any damage, loss, liability and expense that may be incurred as a result of a claim and / or demand directed to it by any third party, and whose cause is directly or indirectly related to advertising ordered by the business customer, including for infringement of a proprietary right, reputation, privacy of any third party and / or violation of any law.

Without derogating from the aforesaid, the site managers will inform the business customer of any such claim, and will allow him to participate in the management of the defense.

K.    The Company reserves the right to check at any time and by any means it deems appropriate, whether the means of advertising published on the Site by any of the parties mentioned in this Chapter comply with all the provisions of the Terms of Use and comply with the rights and authorities conferred upon it by this Chapter and by the Terms of Use in its entirety.

L.    For the avoidance of any doubt, it is hereby clarified that all of the above mentioned in respect of the policy of advertising to business customers applies mutatis mutandis to merchant and commercial customers as well.

Advertising in Merchant Buyers List category 

  • Order of advertising products and / or services can be canceled within 24 hours from the date of placing the order on the site. If no cancellation form/email is received on time, the order will be valid and without cancellation ability of the customer.
  • The customer confirms and declares that the content of publication of the ads and / or the Mini Site published by him does not violate the provisions of any law and / or rights (including intellectual property rights) from any third party. Nothing in this shall derogate from the provisions of the Terms of Use regarding the removal of content by the Site.
  • The customer undertakes to indemnify the Site for any loss, liability and expense incurred by it due to a claim and / or demand directed to it by any third party and whose cause is directly or indirectly related to the publication of the ads and /or the Mini Site, including in respect of infringement of a proprietary right, reputation, privacy of any third party and / or violation of any law.

Weapon Advertising

Any advertising on the site in weapons category and / or dangerous toy is subject to the provisions of the law and to the provisions of the Terms of Use.

Advertising Pricing Plans

The site has free advertising ads plan and advertising ads plans against payment; All as specified and according to the conditions specified in the site.

Applicability of the law and jurisdiction

The use of the site will be governed solely by the UK law. The courts in London shall have exclusive jurisdiction in all matters relating to the usage regulations and the use of the site.

General Terms

The information appearing on the site, including the information regarding the operators of the site and / or the activity of any of them, is subject to change from time to time, without giving any prior notice to the user, and is not binding. The User accepts that it is his duty to verify the correctness of any such information before acting in accordance with it, including before he chooses to engage in any engagement with any party whatsoever, in any form.

The terms of these regulations, as well as the form of the site, its design, the services offered within it, the prices of the various services, etc., may be changed from time to time, without prior notice to the user. The regulations published at the site at any time shall be binding regulations. For example, there may be changes in the prices of the various services, the terms of their provision, etc. It is solely the responsibility of the user to keep up to date with the latest version of Term of Use and shall apply to the advertising transaction.


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