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Snap Shot for Snap Shop - Visual online shopping

Visual online shopping with EverBuyers app

EverBuyers - Visual shopping of Tissot hand watch

EverBuyers - Visual search platform and app for online shopping using AI

EverBuyers - Working with visual search mobile app for online shopping - Shoot it. Buy it.

EverBuyers - Desktop demonstration for visual products search web platform

EverBuyers – Powerful VISUAL search and compare for Amazon eBay Walmart AliExpress

One image is worth a thousand searches

Powerful app for VISUAL and TEXTUAL search helps you to find items and compare prices of Amazon eBay Walmart AliExpress and more by snapping or uploading image!
Do you prefer to search and compare item by text? Great! just start typing and get sellers offers.

Shorten the search time

So how does it work? Simply snap a quick photo or upload and image of the product you wish to purchase. EverBuyers AI engine will recognize, search and display available options to purchase the product online (both local & global) from trusted sellers on Amazon, ebay, Walmart, AliExpress, Alibaba, asos, Tesco and many more! – sorted by price & location.

One image is worth a thousand searches. Snap Shot for Snap Shop.

How to get the best results using the app 

  1. Make sure you are shooting one product at a time
  2. Make sure you are shooting the product in a light spot
  3. Make sure the product lays on a bright and smooth background as white or gray color
  4. Use the camera when the flash feature is OFF
  5. Take a sharp image shot
  6. Wait till product image fully uploaded (“Success” under image)


Why is it good?

A. Do you like your friend’s stuff and want to find same product easily?
B. Have you seen any product you like on social network or a blog and wish to get it?
C. Do you find your local store products prices exaggerated?

In our busy world, leisure time is limited. For many people, online shopping can be very frustrating experience that takes a long time searching and comparing product offers.
If your answer is YES for one of above questions, this app made for you.

Meet EverBuyers. EverBuyers platform and mobile app makes your online shopping experience easy and fun and save time & money even for expert online shoppers.

1. Visual & text products search that actually works. No bar codes needed.
2. Find new and and second hand products.
3. Shorten search time and save time and money by comparing local and global online trusted sellers.
4. Get concrete offers at the best prices for a quality product.
5. Save and share search results easily.
6. The search is 100% free!

Who does it fit? For online shoppers lovers, For online shoppers beginners, For online shoppers addicted. Actually it fits for everyone and for free!

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