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Search by image | Reverse image search | Shop by image

In recent years, image recognition technology has evolved and allows many solutions, including search by image or reverse image search. That is, instead of searching for text in the search engine and obtaining a relevant image, searching for an image and obtaining relevant text or images similar to the image searched in search engine.

Image recognition technology is used as a vital technology in many sectors such as security and health. In the consumer industry in general and e-commerce a or online shopping in particular, image recognition is a necessary technology that can make consumers’ lives easier and save them quite a bit of time and money in searching for products online. Sometimes consumers in daily life encounter products that do not know how to search through text in the search engines or do not have the time to do so. This is where search product by image or reverse image search technology comes to make it easier to improve the shopping experience in a new way of purchasing products.

Image Recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies allow search by image or reverse image search and become a significant part of our lives in the near future. The integration of these technologies in different fields will make our daily lives much simpler, and will have much more free time.

The EverBuyers platform combines Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies with shopping across the web to make the shopping experience much simpler.

So how does it work? Simply snap a quick photo or upload and image of the product you wish to purchase. EverBuyers AI engine will recognize, search and display available options to purchase the product online (both local & global) from trusted sellers on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, AliExpress, Alibaba, Asos, Tesco and many more! – sorted by price & location.

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