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Real Estate Agent

Searching or selling a property can take quite a while and can even be exhausting. A real estate agent can be a good solution in some cases but you have to understand that even a real estate agent has limitations that can delay a real estate transaction.Why not use the power of the Internet and technology to shorten the time for a sale or purchase of real estate?

Real Estate Agent Over The Internet?

As stated, a real estate agent has limited ability to search for an asset. Consider a buyer who wants to buy a property in a certain area and according to specifications that he defined in advance. When a real estate agent is asked to find the property the buyer wants, the real estate agent is limited to the supply of assets he currently has in the database, so in most cases the client must wait quite a bit until the right seller enters the agent’s office and offers his apartment.  If the buyer or even the real estate broker would has the ability to significantly increase the exposure to the client’s request for the same apartment, it would significantly shorten the transaction time. So now it can be done using the EverBuyers platform you can advertise a real estate demand ad that will be exposed to thousands of potential sellers and will meet them with the potential buyer.

How It Works?

Anyone who wants to buy or rent any kind of property can easily publish a very detailed demand post about the property he is looking for, including the type of property, size, location and other parameters and even pictures of the property requested. Proposals from potential sellers come to the site in two ways:

1.    Real Estate sellers and agents who enter the site regularly and are looking for potential buyers.

2.    Our system looks for potential sellers with assets that match the buyer’s search requirements and directs them to relevant demand ads.

Even real estate agents who have customers looking for specific properties can advertise demand ads for their clients and the system will appeal to potential property sellers.

How much is it?

At this stage, the advertisement of demand for real estate is free! So hurry up and publicize demand posts for real estate.


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