Prices comparison for online shopping | Compare overseas sellers Useful information


Prices comparison for online shopping | Compare overseas sellers

Before you buy a product online, you should do a price comparison. Comparing prices online can reveal big differences in price and product quality and therefore can save a lot of money especially if it is a costly product.

What is important to remember before comparing prices?

In order for the prices comparison for a particular product to be accurate and objective, we must compare identical products with a specific sample and not a general product. For example, a prices comparison of the Tefal 0231 Steam Iron would be more accurate than a Tefal Steam Iron.


Often the prices shown in the price comparison are for several units of the item and not necessarily for one item so it is important to make sure in the various offers that the item price is for the same quantity.

The seller rating of the item is important for reliability, customer service and duration of delivery. You are more likely to receive exactly what you have ordered from high-ranking sellers and positive opinions, as well as the service you receive after purchase if you need it better.

Price comparisons to overseas sellers

The era of the Internet and globalization has opened the borders between countries and continents, especially when it comes to purchasing Internet products. Today, you can order products from high-quality international sites and get them in a relatively short period of time, so buying online from sites like AliExpress, Amazon UK, eBay UK is a great alternative. If today we have become accustomed to comparing prices to local seller products, now with the EverBuyers platform and app you can get offers and compare prices to international online shopping sites as well.

The EverBuyers app enables product’s visual search (product search via image) or text search and instantly compares prices of products from sites like AliExpress, Amazon UK, eBay UK and more! You can search an item directly through the site or through an Android or iOS app.

So go ahead and search for your next product and compare prices on international sites as well and save time and money!

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