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EverBuyers – Visual products search platform using advanced Image Recognition technology.

One image is worth a thousand searches

Image Recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies will become a significant part of our lives in the near future. The integration of these technologies in different fields will make our daily lives much simpler, and will have much more free time.

The EverBuyers platform combines image recognition and artificial intelligence technologies with shoping across the web to make the shopping experience much simpler.

Shorten the search time for a desired product

There are quite a few shopping sites in the world, such as consumer goods, real estate, cars, second hand, etc. Most consumers spend hours and even days on these sites in order to find what they want, go from site to site, compare prices, and even then the product does not always meet their requirements.

Consumers have already realized that the power is in their hands and therefore they are looking for ways to shorten the time until they reach the desired product on the one hand, while ensuring that the product meets their expectations.

Take for example some electrical product, the search for new or second hand electrical products with specific characteristics can last for days or months in a worse case. There is a need for intensive search and comparison between dozens of local sites and around the world.

EverBuyers is a unique international platform that enables buyers and consumers to shoot a desired product and upload a relevant post. Our system checks for hundreds of online and offline online and local stores so buyers can get offers at the best prices. Who does it fit? Consumers of new products, second-hand consumers, car consumers, buyers of real estate, watercraft consumers, arms consumers … Actually it is suitable for everyone and for free!

The EverBuyers platform enables a meeting place between private buyers, businesses, agents and traders in order to shorten the time of the consumer to the desired product.

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